🎷 跳舞蘭咖啡音樂會《I Want to Be an Astronaut 我想成為一名太空人》

🎷 跳舞蘭咖啡音樂會《I Want to Be an Astronaut 我想成為一名太空人》
🎷 跳舞蘭咖啡音樂會 🪘
《I Want to Be an Astronaut 我想成為一名太空人》
🌠 伊朗手鼓 X 薩克斯風 現場演奏
Iranian Daf drum appeals to the mysterious rhythm of Sufism, a beat of happy enthusiastic cosmic trance meeting the deep saxophone coming from the barbaric breath of the wild seas of north-west France. It moves us, it enters us and suddenly brings back our buried dreams in joyful music. I want to be an astronaut.
🔹 時間 Time:3/2 (Sat) & 3/3 (Sun),7:30pm (7pm開放入場 Entrance)
🔹 地點 Place:跳舞蘭咖啡2F (台北市重慶北路二段12號2F)
🔹 表演者 Performers:Arnaud Lechat,Mona Kaveh Ahangari 
👉 詳細資訊與報名 Get Tickets:https://www.accupass.com/go/IWBA
🕺 Arnaud Lechat / 薩克斯風 saxophone
法國音樂家。作曲風格融合古典,爵士,歐洲民謠與亞洲音樂。多次受邀與台灣的舞團、馬戲、劇場等合作現場演出,也製作台灣中央廣播電台的節目《迷失方向》和影片《都馬調》紀錄台灣風土人情。近期的音樂創作專輯 :《解放9》﹐《超人類/次等人類》, 《藍色微光的翅膀》。
Arnaud Lechat is a French musician and composer living in Taiwan. He works for many pieces of modern dance, improvisation, circus, or poetry. Arnaud is the co-director of the documentary film "Doumadiao" on Taiwanese opera as well as the author of numerous documentaries for Radio Taiwan Internationale on the music of Taiwan in his program "Désorientales". He recently released three albums "Delivrænce 9" , "Transhuman / Subhuman" and “Sur les ailes de l’heure bleue”.
💃 Mona Kaveh Ahangari  / 伊朗手鼓 Iranian Daf drum
Mona is the first and only Professional Daf Musician and Teacher in Taiwan. She is the leader of two music bands of MASTANEH and DAFSUN as the subdivisions of M.A Productions and the only bands in Taiwan which perform Iranian music. Before being honored to receive Professional Arts Work Permit and residency in Taiwan in 2018, Mona used to teach and perform Daf domestically and internationally as a fixed member of several well-known music Ensembles and Orchestras for more than 13 years and also a certified professional Daf player and the member of “Iran House of Music”.